Yuuki(Ultimate Seme) vs. Yuura(Dark Sidekick) (eedwin) wrote in susume_pirates,
Yuuki(Ultimate Seme) vs. Yuura(Dark Sidekick)

help please ^^

hey... ^^
I am new XP and I need help D:
i need some to find a site with translated lyrics of Aikaryu. Thanx lots for your help XD <3
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I don't think I've seen any sites that have translations. :/ If I could translate lyrics, I would but I'm not that good yet, and I haven't found anyone that is -looking for someone so I can add translations to my site-
If you need romaji though: http://indigo.visual-ongaku.org (^^/
Sorry I'm not much help ;A;
I have translated the songs from;
海賊盤~Aye.藍.sir~ and ヴァンパイアで満杯や!
Please give me a short time and I will post them here thank you. My English may be a little bad in it as I am poor with words in that language.