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Woo-hoo! The last live DVD arrived yesterday, but I didnt check the mail box until this morning (6am). I have to go to work, so I cant watch it.... But they DONT show the final encore with all the stage-diving!! That's the part I wanted to see the most...

I also got the special present from Crow Music...but I have no idea what it is yet. It's a CD with nothing written on it. Dont know if its even a CD or a DVD. I'll let you know.

EDIT: Just finished watching the DVD. It DOES have the stage-diving and the encore version of Fight! but they're in the Extras section. If you get the DVD, you can see me alot in the stage-diving part!

The special present...is the play they did showing how Aikaryu "really" started.

My complaint: They cut Susume Pirates out of the DVD!!! That's a crime... Am I the only person who likes that song??
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